Handprints on the Mirror


I raise my eyes up to the sky
And ask the heavens, Mia, why?
Your handprints now appear
On the glass that once was clear.

I look closer, reminiscing
Your little hands that I love kissing
Are growing bigger every day
You can’t forever little stay

As I wipe away the smears
I think how long nights turn to years
Within the blinking of an eye

Time is fleeting, we have seen,
Not long since you, a tiny bean,
Were jumping on a hospital screen

As like a weed you now will grow
The handprints fade away, I know
In my heart only they remain
So today I will refrain
From wiping away the stains.
As time relentlessly does pass
I’ll leave your handprints on the glass

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All In: Why You Should Maximise Quality Time with your Child.


Mama Loves Quality Time with Mia

On Fridays I don’t work so I get quality time with Mia.  With Christmas approaching there are several activities we can do together. We love opening her Advent calendar every day and reading what’s inside. Mia’s letter to Santa has been written. We’re not doing Elf on the Shelf, reasons are here, but if you are that’s a fun thing to discuss each morning.

Visiting Santa

I’m writing this because I really debated taking her to see Santa. She is 21 months, she doesn’t speak much and I thought it would be a waste of money and she wouldn’t get much out of it.  I took her anyway and it was lovely. We saw real reindeer, the grotto was amazing, Santa was great; he read a story, sang a song and made all the children promise to enjoy Christmas which I thought was brilliant. Did she get a lot out of it? probably not, but did we have a nice day together, so ultimately it was worth it.


At the weekend I took her to the opening of a new community area near us, it had a cinema room and they were showing the Gruffalo.  She ran round the room most of the time, but she seemed to be enjoying herself, so isn’t that what matters really?!


The Christmas activities also have a further purpose in my opinion.  Last year Mia was only 10 months old, but we still put out a drink for Santa, carrot for the reindeer and a mince pie. My husband thought I was crazy, but that’s OK.  If I want to implement a tradition, I would rather start it very young so that it becomes part of our routine.

It doesn’t have to be birthdays or Christmas though, if you want to start a ‘tradition’ you can do it any time.  If you want to have a coffee/babycino date with your LO once a month, make it happen! Sure Mia’s conversation might not be up to much at the moment, but maybe when she’s 11 and she’s worrying about her transition to ‘Big School’ it will afford her the opportunity to have a chat with her Mama. Don’t let the ‘limitations’ that your child has now cloud your vision. Next year I’m sure Mia will be super excited to meet Santa!

Mia Says:

There are lots of interesting things happening at the moment, every morning I get some chocolate and that definitely didn’t happen before.  The house looks really pretty with lots of colourful things to look at and touch. My favourite are the soldiers guarding the fire, they have furry hats I like to stroke, they feel soft.  Also, I don’t know if I should tell anyone this, but there is an actual tree in our house.  I don’t know how it got here, I woke up and Mummy was hanging things on it. The lights on  it are really pretty, I really like looking at them.


Yesterday, we went to a strange place.  They had ‘Reindeer’. Mama said they drive Santa’s Sleigh. Then we saw some elves and went to see Santa.  he was a big man with a big white beard.  He had a red suit on. He read us a story and sang a song with us which was nice, but then Mama wanted to take my picture with him and I didn’t like that; I don’t know him! Bit odd to take a photo with him – strange woman!  I got a cool puzzle though.  I liked being with Mama too, she smiled a lot and laughed at me when I tried to do a somersault in the middle of the room during the story.  That made me happy.  I always enjoy it when Mama and I go out on adventures together.

The Mummy Bubble

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Mysteries of Peppa Pig (& Ben & Holly!)


Mysteries of Peppa Pig

There are many mysteries in Peppa and when you watch it eleventy billion times, they start to grate.  Here are a list of the worst/biggest offenders:


Why  in the name of holy hell is George called George?  ALMOST all the other characters have names that alliterate. Candy Cat, Suzy Sheep, Zoe Zebra.  The Pig Family however have Peppa and George.  They also have Chloe (I guess Cousin Chloe keeps the form?) and Alexander….what?!

Why do Peppa and George go to the same playgroup?

Is it the smallest village in the world? Is it Government cut backs? Why are they all in one big class? It doesn’t make any sense!!

How does Miss Rabbit Manage to do All the Jobs?!

Miss Rabbit is the hardest working rabbit in the world (and she has a medal to prove it) She works in the supermarket, drives the buses, runs the fire station, an ice cream stall (that’s seemingly everywhere), a cafe in the woods, the library, the museum, works at the aquarium and she drives the train too.

The Clothes

Daddy Pig seems to wear a shirt and jumper/blazer, but err…no trousers.  The swimwear is odd too…a pig in a bikini is a very strange thing.

The Animal Complexities

For most of the show it appears that these characters behave like humans; after all there are actual animals in the show too (how confusing was the Zoo episode?!). There are, however, little nods to their animal traits. For example, Mr Fox stalking around a chicken coup at night, Pigs enjoying being in mud, the lion being strangely drawn to Madame Gazelle, Mr Wolf going on about how hungry he is around Daddy Pig…

The Family

It would appear that Peppa and George only have one set of Grandparents; Mummy’s parents, but also one Aunty and Uncle; Daddy’s brother.  What happened to Daddy Pig’s parents?

is Doctor Brown Bear really a Doctor?

Only he never has any patients and can always come and do house visits straight away.


Mysteries of Ben & Holly

The Royal Family

Why is King Thistle the King? Both his parents are still alive (albeit they’re totally bonkers). Did they abdicate? Were they forced out? Why do I care?

The Wise Old Elf

What’s with his clothes?  His usual outfit looks like a dress and trousers.  He has 3 sons who look very different; was he a bit of a player?! Is he in love with Nanny Plum?!

Nanny Plum

Whats with the hair? How does she achieve a bob with a bun on the top? What’s with the attitude? If most people spoke to their employer the way she speaks to the King, they’d be sacked pretty quickly.


He’s a ladybird.  Why does he bark and behave like a dog?!


Why do the elves hate it so much?! Do you think they were people and they were turned into Elves?! In which case they’re living in a dictatorship, forced to work as slaves; too dark?!







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