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Mama Mia is a unique parenting blog written from both a mother and child’s perspective.


My ‘real’ name is Sue. My other name is “Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum!”

Mia and Mama live near Bristol with Dada, who works with computers. Mama works part time as an office manager. The rest of the time she is a climbing frame, nurse, private maid, teacher and chef for Mia. Mama has always loved writing and has a degree in English Literature from Cardiff University but her other loves are chocolate, Netflix box-setting and she is a member of Slimming World.

Mia is quite a relaxed kid, who sleeps OK and could eat better. Her hobbies are climbing, eating biscuits, watching Peppa Pig/Ben & Holly, reading books, going on the swings at the park and generally being a pickle.

The Blog

Mama started the blog because parenting is often very lonely and frustrating.  Mama wanted to create something that may help other parents feel less alone whilst also venting her worries and issues. Our first and main struggle together was Mia’s feeding. This is the subject of the first blog  Mama & Mia’s Feeding Story.

I thought it would be interesting if parents could hear their child’s perspective on how things are going as we are often far too hard on ourselves which is why each blog is written as a collaboration between Mama and Mia. We also like to have a bit of fun, as I hope we demonstrated here: Mama Mia.


Mama & Mia

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