You Can Judge…but You will Never Know

You Can Judge

You can judge me:

  • because I had an epidural
  • I formula fed.
  • The fact she never slept in my bed.
  • We use disposables
  • She has a dummy and
  • watches television,

but it’s not your decision

You can judge me:

  • For not letting her cry it out, or
  • because she threw a tantrum in the park
  • or she’s eating chocolate buttons and has
  • messy hair

but I don’t care

she’s two, who are you?!

You will never know:

  • she was back to back,
  • and she wouldn’t latch
  • she was happy in her bed

You weren’t there in my head

  • She was hungry in the night,
  • she tantrums when she’s tired

it’s not your concern

When will people learn?

The space between us is sacred

You cannot break us down

With your disapproving frown

Or your comment on a Facebook post.

You did not cry on her head because she wouldn’t feed from you.

You didn’t sit upright

All night

Because it’s the only way reflux would allow her to rest

Your small mind didn’t feel the fear when a paramedic came to help her breathe.

The opinions you have didn’t sway her to sleep last night because her ever-learning brain couldn’t slow down.

Your thoughts aren’t a test

My love is a testimony

To this little girl,

I’d happily lie in traffic for her,

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do,

The only problem here is you.

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