Listen: Our Speech Therapy Journey to find Mia’s Voice Part 1

Mia’s speech therapy journey is about to begin, before it does I am going to document how I’m feeling and how we got here.

Needing Speech Therapy

I’ve been worried about Mia’s speech since she was around 15 months.  She just wasn’t at the same level as her peer group. I spoke to the Health Visitors at 18 months and was told that there is often a ‘speech explosion’ between 18 months and 2.  This ‘explosion’ certainly happened for many of her cohort, but unfortunately not us.  Most days Mia says very little. She may say “No” and “Dada” features fairly regularly.  She can also say “Mama” and there are other words I have heard her say (hello, dog, wow) but these have been one-offs.


At the two year review, we discussed her lack of vocabulary and it was agreed that she was behind. The next day I received a phone call from an ‘early years care practitioner’ and we arranged an appointment at home. This was basically asking me the same questions as the two year review (but I understand that).  We live in Bath & North East Somerset and the EYCP is not allowed to refer to full speech therapy (I think this is designed to try and cut the waiting list). Instead we have a 5 week short course before we can receive a referral to full speech therapy. This starts a week on Monday.

How’s Mama Feeling?

I feel excited, hopeful, apprehensive and dubious all at the same time. Whilst I would dearly love for this to be the magic key that unlocks my girl’s language, I am dubious. After 2 years of me talking, playing, reading and singing to her how is  5 weeks of playing with someone else  is going to make any difference? On the other hand, I am not a speech therapist and I can’t say that my sole aim in playing with her has been to elicit speech.  Perhaps what they will do will encourage her, maybe she will try some new sounds, who knows?

The problem is I am very wary of pinning all my hopes on this and then being heartbroken.  For me it is better to believe that nothing will change.  Of course I will do whatever they ask of me as ‘homework’ and try to replicate the session with her on my own. I would be delighted to be surprised if anything does change. I am the world’s most impatient person, so this has been a huge struggle for me personally.


How’s Mia?

Mama says a lady is going to come to our house and play with me.  That’s all very well but I hope she brings her own toys. My toys are mine and I don’t want them messed up.  I display them all over the floor in my own special way. If she plays good games then that’s OK by me.  I’m not sure why she’s coming to play with me, something to do with talking no doubt. I’ll see if she’s got any good stuff and I’ll give it a go.

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