Mama Mia

Mama Mia

I’ve been cared for by you since I don’t know when

So I made up my mind, that we can be friends

Look at me now? Will I ever learn?

I don’t know how but I suddenly lose control

There’s a fire within my soul

Just one look and I can hear Peppa Pig

One more look and I can make Mama sing, wooooah

Mama Mama, here I go again,

Ma-Ma, how can you resist me?

Mama Mama, please do that again

How I’ll giggle when you tickle me

Yes, you’ve been broken-nighted

Tired, since the day you started

One day, you will have to let me go

Mama Mama, now I really know

My, my how you love to watch me grow
You make me happy and proud with the things that you do

But I can’t count all the times I’ve told you not to,

Throw your milk cup, it goes on the floor

I think you know, that won’t amuse your Mummy

So don’t you give me that look of glee

Just one look and I forget everything

One more smile and I’ll forget your crying wooooah

Mia Mia, here we go again

My my, how can I persuade you?

Mia, Mia, to eat your food again?

My my, what else can a Mama do?

Tiring it is I’ll admit

But you make it all worth it

How, how? Will I ever let you go?

Mia Mia, even if I say

You’re getting so clever

Mia Mia, you’re bigger every day

But you’ll be my little girl forever

Mama Mia, I’ve begun to see

Just how, we’re growing together

Mama Mia, how you challenge me,

Why why, are you such a monkey?!

You find new ways to test me

I’m being the best I can be

How I, really hope that you know

Mama Mia now we really show

My my how we love each other so.


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