Mama’s Positive Body Image for her Daughter

Mama’s Body Image

Why is Mama’s body image so important? I felt the weight of this (pun intended) as soon as I was told I was having a girl. Amongst the many other exciting thoughts I had about having a daughter, the fact I would need to tutor her in body image loomed large.

A Little History

I have never been the smallest girl.  I wasn’t the biggest either but does that stop women criticising themselves? Not this one! Before I got married I lost a fair bit of weight.  I’m guessing around 2-2.5 stone.  My dress was a Size 10.  The one thing I didn’t lose though was the voice in my head.  I still thought I was ‘too big’ and ‘should have lost more’.

One thing I have learned with age is it is true what they say ‘youth is wasted on the young’.  Now I look back and I can see I was an idiot. I looked fine. After the wedding the weight crept back up again because the strict diet and huge amounts of exercise were unsustainable for me (if that’s your jam, good on you!).  We decided we wanted to start a family and I thought I would try and lose some weight whilst we tried to conceive.  That didn’t happen and so I was overweight and pregnant.  Then I basically spent my maternity leave sat on my bum eating chocolate and became the biggest I can remember being.  So in May I trotted off (read FORCED MYSELF kicking and screaming) to Slimming World.  I’ve lost around 3st 10lbs and am about 1.5 stone from target.

So, What about Mia?

So what am I going to do to try and ensure Mia won’t have body image issues, here are a few things:-

  • Stick with Slimming World

I plan on getting to target and staying there.  One of the reasons I love Slimming World is because I feel its a sustainable eating plan. I want to be healthy for my daughter. We eat a lot more vegetables nowadays and that can only be a good thing. If I’m keeping on top of my weight and eating healthily I think that demonstrates that I respect my body.

  • Never Feeling Guilty

If I do have a splurge (prime and most recent example being Christmas) I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  I’m not going to bemoan the fact I’ll probably have put on a couple of pounds, I will simply go back to eating healthy and watch the weight fall off.

  • Not focusing on my flaws

I am over 30, I have almost made peace with my body. My legs will never be the slimmest and they’re not going to get any longer, I don’t have big boobs, I carry my weight on my lower half. Big deal.  My body is vessel that I am using to get around in.  If other people don’t like it, sod ’em. As long as I am fit and healthy, I don’t care.

  • Explaining why we exercise

I will always tell Mia that we exercise to be fit and strong.  To be the best that we can be. Not to lose weight.

  • Not Giving a Fig about the effect of a second pregnancy

I hope Mia will have a sibling one day.  If/When I am carrying them I will try not to moan about the fact I’ll be getting bigger, ‘fatter’ and the after effects in front of her.  yes, she’s only young now, but you never know what they’re taking in.

  • Focusing on things other than the body

It’s 2018. Why are we still so consumed by women’s appearance?  How about the fact that Mia can be anything she wants to be;  an astronaut, the Prime Minister…


Mia on her Body

My favourite thing is my feet.  They get me around, I can even run now!  Also, they go in my mouth. My hands are pretty cool too, they do lots of good stuff; draw, pick things up, push buttons, touch things.  They’re amazing really. When I think about all the things I have touched and picked up, it’s interesting; cheerios, books, buttons on my toys, my dummy, my Mummy and Daddy, my drink, my toy pushchair. Wow, that’s a lot of things. All the places I have walked now too; the park, the big shop, Grandad’s house, Nana and Grandad’s house. My feet have been to a lot of places. I wonder where my hands and feet will take me as I get older.


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3 Replies to “Mama’s Positive Body Image for her Daughter”

  1. This is a massive area for me as I’m large, with issues and have 2 girls. We all just do our best but I think the bets advice I read was to focus on what your body can do for you, it’s strength, resistilence nad cleverness, rather than how it looks.

    So talk about how amazing it is they are fast and won the race, or how amazing their mind is when they created something new. Mich x

  2. I have three boys and we both try and have positive body image for them too. Great post I have three children and not perfect but learnt to be happy with my new figure #tacticaltuesdays

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