Now We Are Two: What Mama & Mia have Learned

Now we are two

As Mia heads towards two,  I thought it would be nice to reflect on what Motherhood has taught me so far. How I have changed and grown as a person.

Have More Confidence in Yourself

Becoming a mother has taught me to have more confidence in my ability to do…well basically anything! Teaching yourself to care for a small human and then realising you’re succeeding is a huge confidence booster. Don’t doubt yourself in the beginning – it’s your child and you know what’s best.

Haters gon’ Hate

There will always be someone ready, willing and able to judge your parenting. Sod them.  They weren’t there with your baby pretty much 24/7 since they were born; comparatively, they know nothing. I’ve developed such a thick skin to this.  I really don’t care if you think formula is poison, only monsters don’t wear their children or that baby-led weaning is silly. You do you, I’m not interested!

Parenting is Bittersweet

It’s always one step forwards, two steps back, especially during the first year.  Parenting is the best thing you’ll ever do but it’s also the hardest. When you have to watch your kid struggle and get sick and they pick up all the annoying characteristics you didn’t want them to get. It’s so hard. Then just when they get past a certain stage you lament them not being a little baby anymore.

Try to worry less

This is a ridiculous piece of advice but I’m giving it anyway. You want your child to grow and develop at the same rate as every other child, but comparison really is the thief of joy.  Sometimes they just need a little longer to figure something out, though that doesn’t help you worry any less when everyone is saying ‘are they walking yet?’

You are Enough

Life gets hectic, it’s difficult to keep all the balls in the air. Your kid doesn’t care about that, all they really need is food, shelter and love.  If you can give them those things then you’re doing just fine. Also, you are not the first person to shout  ‘I don’t know what you want!’ at your baby and then cry because, what kind of monstrous person yells at a baby?  The answer is, we all do.  Sometimes we shout at our kids when they don’t 100% deserve it because we are tired.  That’s OK too.


Now I am Two

Mama says I am two now.  When you are two you go to the zoo for the day and look at the animals.  You also get a balloon and some cake.  I like all the fishes the best, they get to live in special light up cases that look fun.  This is what I have learned now I am two:

  • How to drink from a cup – that was hard.  Drinking seemed like a lot of hard work when I came out of Mummy’s tummy.  I drank from a bottle and that was OK, I was pretty pleased I learned but then I had this cup given to me all the time. I ignored it for months but then I gave up and tried.  I’m glad I did I get creamy tasting milk out of it.  Water I could take or leave…
  • I can eat real food – Mama keeps offering me weird stuff that looks like trees and stuff but I just ignore that. Peanut butter sandwiches are my favourite though.
  • I can walk – it took a while to figure this out, it’s tricky, but it’s actually a really quick way to get about which is great. Sometimes I try to run away from Mama because I want to explore everything and I worry she won’t let me.
  • I can sleep – I used to get hungry in the night for ages.  That was annoying because I like sleeping. Then sometimes my teeth really hurt and it wakes me up, or I have a nightmare.  But most of the time now I can sleep.
  • Mama and Dada go away sometimes, but they always come back.
  • I want to see everything – I used to want to stay by Mama a lot but now I want to see everything, she’s usually there anyway so if I was worried I could find her, but now I want to find everything out about the world.
  • I like to do things carefully after fully working them out by watching people. Apparently this means I take a long time to do some things, but I like to do them properly.
  • I can look at books and TV – It’s fun to look at books and hear the stories in them, it’s one of the best things to do. Colours and shapes and stories are interesting to me, so is pulling blocks apart and posting things through holes.  Those are my hobbies.

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