Park Life: The Importance of Outside Play for Toddlers

Mama on Outside Play

Mia loves outside play;  it doesn’t matter if it’s the garden, the park, a quick walk around the block, she loves to be outdoors. Studies have shown it’s really beneficial for their development and I can see this with Mia.

The other day, it was grey and rainy and Mia was miserable.  She was such a grumpy toddler, we tried to play games indoors but nothing helped.  So I decided I would do a typically bonkers British thing.  I put her in her waterproof dungarees, her wellies, her big, thick waterproof coat and we went to the park.  She loved it. Happier child instantly. It doesn’t seem to matter what we do, we go to the park and she just runs around. I’ve been for a walk with her on her trike before. She runs around the garden, we refill the bird feeders and she’s happy!  I try and make sure we get outside every day because it really seems to lift her mood.  Development-wise it’s shown to benefit their gross motor skills, which in turn then aids their fine motor skills which tend to advance once their gross motor skills are in place.


Mia on Outside Play

I don’t like it if I have to stay indoors all the time, I like playing with toys and running around the house but I get bored.  The park is fun because it has different things for me to run on. I like swings and slides, but also I see other children and they make me giggle, they can run really fast.  One of my favourite things to do is go in the garden.  There are lots of birds and things to look at and I like to fill up the bird feeders because I enjoy putting things in boxes and tubes. It makes me happy with all the space and the fresh air, I love it!

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