World Breastfeeding Week: Mama & Mia’s Feeding Story

Mama’s Feeding Story:

My feeding story is very simple in some respects. I wanted to breastfeed. We tried desperately to breastfeed. I couldn’t breastfeed. She was so small and I couldn’t figure out how to get her to latch. We didn’t manage it. I felt like I had failed so badly and used to cry a lot about it. I felt that I wasn’t giving her the best. But sometimes in parenthood you have to make really hard decisions about the best thing for as a family. When we started bottle feeding it was like a weight was lifted. This was when our bond really began. Mia is my everything.

Mia’s Feeding Story:

When I came into the world out of Mama’s tummy everything was very confusing. Everything seemed so big. Mama kept giving me her booby but I couldn’t figure out how to make the milk come out. It was OK though because she gave me milk in a syringe and then a bottle. It would make me feel all full and lovely and sleepy and it tasted yummy. Mama used to cry a lot though. That made me sad because she’s┬áthe best. One day she stopped with the booby which was nice because it used to annoy me that I couldn’t get the milk out when I was hungry. She started giving me a bottle and the milk tasted a bit different but was still yummy and filled me up. Mama still cried sometimes but it was like a weight was lifted. She felt happier and that made me happy. Now we laugh and play and go on adventures to different places together. She is my everything.

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